Pittsburgh Law Firms are Exploring Office Space Alternatives

Does your office work for you, or are you working for your office? Office rent has become the second largest expense for law firms. In growing cities like Pittsburgh it’s become something of a quest for law firms to find a space that allows them to grow but doesn’t overburden them with overhead.

This is especially a problem for solos and growing practices, because here in Pittsburgh, Class A downtown space is at 90% occupancy. So that means high prices and limited choices, a bad combination for solos and growing practices. Larger firms who want to downgrade and reduce property overhead often believe they can’t do it without downgrading their presence.

So, where’s the happy medium between the efficient starter office in a not-so-great location and the conventional office that burdens the monthly balance sheet?

Law firms are seeking alternatives to traditional office spaces
Business ebbs and flows in most practices, and to maintain the agility they need to weather the ups and downs, many firms have found the high overhead costs and long rental agreements less than ideal. But there’s a growing shift toward alternatives to the traditional space scenario.

Like many of the essential services we use, the business model is changing. Uber created a more direct and convenient model to link passengers with self-managed drivers; crowdfunding applications like Kickstarter allows projects to raise money directly from funders over a distributed network. Tools like Clio and Rocket Matter made it possible to manage your law practice in the cloud for a predictable monthly fee, eliminating IT and software management requirements. And now the  “executive suites” model is solving a similar problem for law firms: how to stop paying for office space you don’t need and get exactly what you need, when you need it.

law-office-image law-meetingroom-image

Executive suites provide first class space in prime locations, typically with a package of selectable services based on your law firm’s needs.  This allows for law firms of every size to have greater flexibility without sacrificing style or convenience.

It works like this: You lease a professionally designed, fully appointed office, with the amount of space based on the size of your firm.  Additional floor space — like reception and waiting area, kitchen, and bathrooms — are included in the lease and shared with other tenants of the center. Conference and meeting room space is also shared with other tenants, and is time-allotted and reserved through the service center on a first-come, first-serve basis. Executive suites provide receptionist, admin and tech support to complete your practice, and it’s ready to go from day one.

Many law firms who have made the switch are enjoying that in most of these scenarios, you sign a flexible contract to make the space yours for three, six, or twelve months, with options to increase or decrease your space without a penalty. Executive suites are more affordable than setting up on office on your own, and because it’s billed either per-person or per-office space instead of by the square foot, you have greater flexibility to adjust your costs with your billings.

BusinesSuites has recently begun offering Executive Suites to law firms in Pittsburgh. We’ve also created a guide to help you navigate the different options and forms of flexible office space that are out there. Get the guide to learn more about how firms and solos are reducing their overhead and landing better spaces.

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What Does Your Business Card Say About Your Business?

Even in this modern world of LinkedIn and other social media platforms, we still all have them and we still exchange them.  The good old-fashioned business card.  It’s our initial form of introduction at most networking and business meetings.

So what does your business card say about you and your business? 

BusinesSuites - Virtual Office
Do you list an address, phone number, or PO Box?   If you only list a phone number and email address does that immediately flag you as a person working from home?   If you do work from home, do you want your residential address listed on your business card?

There are many advantages to working from home but most folks who do don’t want to promote their home addresses to customers who may one day show up on their door steps.

That’s where a Virtual Office comes so nicely into play.   A Virtual Office is your office without the four walls or expense of a traditional brick and mortar space.   It’s an address to use and publish and a place to use for Office or Conference Room time on an as-needed basis.

At BusinesSuites we specialize in Virtual Office packages that meet the needs of those working from home or for those who don’t need the day to day four walls of a traditional office space.    With 7 Maryland locations and another 24 across the country, your Virtual options can include multiple locations for an IMMEDIATE Regional Presence.

Check out your options at BusinesSuites – Where Premium Service and Value Meet.

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Staying Healthy? Let’s Take A Ride!

What does “Going Green” and BusinesSuites have in common?  – Both are modern alternative options to the traditional way of living and working.

Pittsburgh, once known for its steel industry, has rebuilt itself as a modern city and introduced many green initiatives to its residential and business communities. Amongst our city’s latest innovations is the installation of Healthy Ride Bikes which is a bike sharing program that allows the boroughs surrounding the city of Pittsburgh to enjoy an open-air ride 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The program was created to promote healthy living as well as keeping our environment clean.

The system works as easy as registering your information at a kiosk (which are all solar powered), riding, then returning to a docking station wherever your destination may take you. They’ve even made it tech-savvy by creating a smart phone app which monitors your bike usage as well as detects nearby docking stations.

BusinesSuites - Healthy Ride

Bike Kiosk Near BusinesSuites Grant Street

BusinesSuites Grant Street conveniently has a kiosk located on Ross Street, directly behind the Mellon building. You may want to take a ride around the city to capture a view of our three beautiful rivers that run alongside our various riverside bike trails after your meeting at BusinesSuites to re-energize or just to soak in the sun.

The city’s transformation brings new opportunities and a chance to design your day and workplace to fit your lifestyle.  Whether you work from home to stay close to the family or on the road, you should have an office that meets that lifestyle.  

And should your lifestyle change, BusinesSuites Grant Street‘s office options are flexible to accommodate you. Our lease is simple, all-inclusive and can be customized to fit your needs.  Talk to us about our flexible office options at 412-515-1600 or drop us a line with any questions.

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Maintain a Positive Company Culture to Retain Clients

BusinesSuites - Executive Office

On a Wednesday afternoon, clients congregate as they help themselves to a cup of coffee and snacks in our café. There is always exchange in discussions that can be overheard by reception and you can’t help but tune-in. Today a client stated “You wouldn’t get this at a corporate office, they don’t care about you like they do here.”  It seems clear to me that this particular client may have come from a larger corporate environment and has developed certain thoughts and feelings towards that experience.

This got me thinking about some differing aspects between a small business and a large corporation. I think the biggest hurdle any business faces as they grow is maintaining a respectable culture. No matter the size, the goal of most companies is to hire good, honest, and hardworking individuals who value your company’s culture. However, sometimes growing companies focus more on numbers, statistics and climbing the ladder which in turn creates a coldness and the loss of personal touch.

At BusinesSuites, this is how we retain our clients – through maintaining and implementing our culture every single day. We take responsibility as a team to make sure our clients are satisfied. We hire the right people, we pay attention to detail, and we recognize the value of little things like being remembered by name or remembering our client’s birthdays.

Remembering those little things are the key to our everyday success. We focus on preserving the pulse of our clients by taking into consideration what they say and how they feel because it’s essential to our ability to thrive.  Just like this client voiced, feeling cared about is a big deal!

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The Winner of Summerlin Open House Giveaway is…

Office Suites - Summerlin
…Chris Lewis of Avison Young

He won an Apple Watch Sport for attending the BusinesSuites Summerlin Open House.  Congratulations, Chris!

Thank you to everyone who attended and entered our contest giveaway!

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