Judging A Book By Its Cover

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but we are judged every day based on our appearance and actions. It’s called a first impression.

BusinesSuites has always maintained a conservative, professional dress code and a conservative, ultra-professional office setting. If you have visited one of our BusinesSuites locations there are two things that stand out – quality and professionalism. At BusinesSuites Hughes Landing in The Woodlands, we call it being “photo ready”. At any point, you can walk into our center and see everything in its place. The chairs are neatly aligned in the conference room, the candy bowl is full, the lobby is spotless, and the receptionist is there to greet you or your clients with a smile. These are not happy accidents, this is the day in the life of BusinesSuites.

We take great pride in the appearance of our executive suite and ourselves. We work hard to provide the ultimate first impression for you and your clients. The consistency that we provide is a comfort to our clients. They know that on any given day, if their top client is coming in for a meeting, they would be walking into that “photo ready” environment managed by a top-notch team of professionals.

So, go ahead and judge the book based on the cover. If you are impressed with that, just wait until you see what’s inside!

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Do You Take Pride In Your Office?

This week the Baltimore Orioles won the AL East division for the first time since 1997.

As someone growing up in Baltimore, this is monumental not only for the team but for the city as well. Below is a shot from the game as the Orioles clinched the division.

Darryl_PhotoSince their victory, the city has been exuberant and filled with pride.

When you walk into your office throughout the week, does it fulfill you with the same sense of pride?

At BusinesSuites Harborplace, we want our clients to feel the same pride the city of Baltimore feels about their sports teams. We work hard to make sure we have exceeded your expectations, to go above and beyond to satisfy all of our client needs.

When you are considering where to office, think about the pride BusinesSuites instills in our clients, and consider officing with us.

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Office Space Etiquette: Am I a Good Neighbor?

The more I search for the perfect shared space, the more I realize how much I’m already sharing space every day. My family and I live on a university campus.  Each day we share our backyard with students, visitors, faculty and staff. At any given time there are people milling about, asking directions and bike riding, but this is the first time I’ve wondered if I’m I good neighbor.

The other day I was in the library. I entered quietly, smiled to the people I knew, sat down and began working. Across from me two people chatted in faux whispers until one of their phones rang. He answered it. The conversation became animated. Within moments a security guard intervened. The room returned to silence; we all got back to work.  Shared spaces come with their own etiquette.  It’s often unwritten and sometimes easy to overstep.

This year I shared my office with three other students. Though we were asked to complete a schedule at the beginning of the term, only I did. My office-mates try to avoid coming in during my scheduled office hours, but the rest of the time they used the office like it is—their office. Our lack of coordination means there is occasional overflow. I use the office to hold meetings and host interviews. My office-mates use it for researching. When our times overlap, it can be challenging.

Maybe next year I’ll look into a private office or see what meeting room spaces are available.

Where do you office? And what is the etiquette like?

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When Looking for Office Space, Consider the Forks

There are a lot of important questions to answer when you’re looking for office space.

  • How much office space do you need?
  • What kind of office layout will make you most productive?
  • Do you need meeting rooms?
  • What kind of forks will you use?

OK, the last question may not seem that important for your business.  But, on a busy workday when you’re trying to eat a quick lunch between meetings and this happens…

Consider the Forks!

Consider the Forks!

…you’ll realize that those plastic forks you ordered, while not important for your business, are quite important for your lunch. And your time.

The benefit of office space at BusinesSuites is that you don’t ever have to think about the forks or the napkins or the phones or the copier or almost anything about keeping a professional, productive office.  Everything is there and it just works, so you can spend your time and energy on the things that are actually important for your business.

The clean, metal fork on the left is courtesy of BusinesSuites Westlake that offers full-service office space in Austin, TX.


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The End of My Search for Perfect Office Space

It wasn’t until pressing print that I realized the printer in my office wasn’t networked to my computer. In less than thirty minutes I would be interviewing a prestigious writer I had booked simply by chance.  When I sat down thirty minutes ago, it seemed like plenty of time to proofread my interview questions, print them and run to the meeting room I had reserved down the hall.

GRT-Inerior-ConferenceI office at an executive suite in downtown Pittsburgh called BusinesSuites Grant Street. They offer flexible office space to small business owners, like me, who want to keep their overhead low but maintain a professional image. Additionally, I have access to all the great amenities in the center including conference rooms, the cafe and a community work station. Anyway, back to my story…

Time was running out. With only fifteen minutes until my interview, I didn’t have time for anything else to go wrong.

Immediately, I ran to the front desk to ask one of the team members for assistance. Maybe the young lady at the front desk could fix my problem. Hopefully the young lady at the front desk could fix my problem!

Together we determined that we didn’t have enough time to troubleshoot the printer in my office. Instead, she suggested that I email her my file so she could quickly print it from her computer. Genius! I went back to my office, emailed the file and flew to the common work station. There waiting for me in the big, beautiful, reliable Ricoh printer tray were my interview questions.

Not only had this woman saved my morning, but she did it with grace and professionalism. Shortly after I plopped myself in one of the meeting room chairs, my interviewee arrived. We sat down together and the questions turned out to be great prompts to a great interview.

Later that afternoon, one of the team members knocked on my door to see if I needed help fixing the issue with my printer. She suggested that I link to the printer in the work station in case anything like this happened again.

I was so impressed with how the team handled my dilemma. The team here at BusinesSuites Grant Street is invested in my business and my success. Whether it’s office space, a meeting room or something in between, a supportive team can turn a great space into the perfect space.

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