Extreme Chocolate Friday!

BusinesSuites Annapolis Client Appreciation-2014

The BusinesSuites Annapolis Team showed their appreciation for their wonderful clients recently with gifts, food, and fun!

The hot breakfast on Tuesday with Egg Burrito’s, Sausage, Bacon, Hash Browns and Pumpkin Muffins was enjoyed by ALL.

On Thursday we had an Italian lunch that included Chicken Marsala, Lasagna and Salad.

Friday, however, nothing could top our Extreme Chocolate Friday – hot chocolate, chocolate donuts, chocolate cake and best of all….the Chocolate Fountain!!  Dippers included pineapple, strawberries, cookies, pretzels, marshmallows and more…A feast fit for kings and queens!

We have the best clients ever and we love to show our appreciation.
Everyone enjoyed a fun week, especially our Chocolate Friday!

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Great Service Can Be Little Things

BusinesSuites Springwoods Lobby
It’s amazing how the smallest thing can be wildly significant to others. A simple smile with a genuine greeting. A helpful tip or a wonderful compliment. All of these may seem like a very little thing, but they really do pack a punch for a fabulous impression.

Just the other day a client at BusinesSuites Springwoods swung by the desk to let me know that one of his clients was impressed by his company’s phone etiquette.  He thanked me for the way that we handle his calls and help his business look good.  BusinesSuites includes live phone answering with our office space package, so it’s my job to help make my clients look good.  Even so, that little compliment made my day.

And just this afternoon, while I was at BusinesSuites Hughes Landing to lend a helping hand and my training skills, I was super impressed by the security person who manned the front desk in the main lobby of the building. She took a moment to offer me the sweetest compliment, when all she really needed to do was smile and greet me with a simple, “Good Afternoon.”

It is absolutely refreshing to run into kind people like this who do little things that absolutely make your day.

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Free Fitness Center Membership with An Office

BusinesSuites Westlake get free use of an on-site exercise facility.

Office space clients at BusinesSuites Westlake get free use of an on-site exercise facility.

January is a time to reflect on your accomplishments during the past year and your goals for the coming year.  Most of us have personal and professional goals.  BusinesSuites Westlake can help you on both fronts.

If you want to make your business more productive and spend last time on the everyday distractions of running an office, our full service office space in Westlake is a great option.  Our offices include everything you need to keep a professional, productive office here in Austin.  We include things like furniture, phone, internet, receptionist services, coffee, an immaculately clean kitchen and access to a high-speed printer/scanner/copier.

One additional benefit to taking office space at BusinesSuites Westlake is that our office clients get unlimited use of the exercise facility in our building.  That makes it easy to exercise before or after work or during your lunch hour.

Turn over a new leaf in 2015.  Tour BusinesSuites Westlake to see how a full service office and free use of exercise equipment can help you achieve your goals.

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Most Popular Office Amenities

The most popular extras BusinesSuites Springwoods provides to our clients are the Wednesday afternoon snack and Friday breakfast.

Nobody initially chooses their office space in Spring, TX (or anywhere) based on snacks or breakfasts, and we don’t really advertise these treats as a part of our full service office packages.  However, these little extras help make our office a real community and are by far what we receive the most comments about.

Clients appreciate a reason to take a short break and visit with other people outside their company, especially when there are warm cookies or breakfast tacos to be had.

Each BusinesSuites location has its own schedule and preferences for offering snacks and breakfast to clients, but we all love to do this because the results are so visible and appreciated.

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Catering to Our Clients’ Cardio

BusinesSuites Hill Country Galleria

Hill Country Galleria walking trail is 2.7 miles

As a team and as a center, we have to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients. Often times we find that the simplest acts of premium services can make a huge difference in our clients business and personal lives.

At BusinesSuites Hill Country Galleria, one of our attorneys takes full advantage of the shopping center that our suite is in. He starts his morning off, spends his lunch hour, and ends his work day with a lap around the entire mall. Each time around is 2 miles—meaning by the end of each day he has walked a whopping 6 miles!

While our goal is to service and support our clients businesses by offering premium office space, virtual offices and meeting room services, we also offer services and support to our clients as individuals. As always, we keep an abundance of filtered ice water and tea out for our clients. This service has been receiving daily praise from this client in particular. Day after day, he continues to amaze us with his dedication and commitment to a healthy life style and day after day we strive to understand, anticipate, and to meet the needs of all of our clients.

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