Space to Spare?

Of all the restaurants and eateries on campus, there is one I just can’t seem to figure out. This café does business between what seems like 11am and closes for the day around 2pm. Though it has a diagram of actual business hours posted on the window, it seems the sort of place you have to catch open. On the few times I have caught it open, the service was good, the food and prices OK and the crowd small.

Something about the exclusive hours just isn’t working.  The café is closed more hours than it is open. Instead of filling a need, it was filling a space.

Recently, the café owners partnered with an Italian restaurant to provide a unique restaurant experience. During the day—during the hours it’s open—the café will serve its clientele. In the evenings, the bright café is transformed to an intimate Italian restaurant with candles, tables and from what I could see on opening night, eager customers.

The two establishments are sharing space—not clients or staff or even ambiance—but actual space. So far, it seems to be working. Building on the prime location, the restaurant is the only Italian restaurant on campus. It started advertising before opening night and it hasn’t stopped since.

Without even being open the café is benefiting from the additional exposure. Perhaps they will gain customers who become so enamored with the location that they are willing to put in the effort to decipher the opening hours.

Are you getting as much out of your Baltimore office space as you could be?

At BusinesSuites you get more than just an office or time in a meeting room. Our professional, friendly team members provide customer service that makes the space more than just “space”. Each BusinesSuites location has a personality that makes it unique and vibrant. Whether you’re trying to maximize your resources or add value to your business, BusinesSuites may just be the right move for you!

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Summer Events at City Centre

At BusinesSuites Town and Country, we not only offer Center of the Year work accommodations for our clients, but also plenty of Summer of the Year entertainment options. If you are looking for events to start off the summer, look no further than the following lineup of  music and movies all within walking distance at CITY CENTRE:

MAY EVENTS: Memorial Day – 5 nights of live music from five local tribute bands:

Thursday, May 22 – Rock out with ZZ Top tribute band ZZ Roxx from 6-9pm

Friday, May 23 – Favorite rock sounds of the 70’s and 80’s with Fleetwood Mac/Steve Nicks tribute group Nightbird from 7-10pm

Saturday, May 24 – Enjoy Elvis tribute act Vince King from 7-10pm

Sunday, May 25 – Enjoy the bonus night out and see Eagles tribute band Already Gone from 7-10pm

Monday, May 26 – Squeeze every last minute out of your vacation with a terrific early show from Beatle tribute band The Fab 5 from 4-7pm

MOONLIGHT MOVIES SUMMER SERIES (family themed): Held on the second Wednesday of every month in City Centre plaza – Starts at dusk!

June 11 – Disney’s FROZEN


August 13 – DESPICABLE ME 2

JULY EVENTS: Fourth of July weekend equals four nights of entertainment at CITY CENTRE:

Thursday, July 3, 7pm – The Legendary Rhythm Bandits

Friday, July 4, 7pm – Mustache the Band

Saturday, July 5, 7pm – M-80s

Sunday, July 6, 5pm – The Coconuts

Come join us!

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If You Want Something Done Right…

I’m a writer and an avid reader.  My ability to write and passion for words means I know how to tell a story. My love of reading means I know my way around a good book. Does that mean I know how to make one?

As a writer there’s a need I can fill in publishing. For the past few months I’ve been researching how to develop an independent publishing press. My research includes reading about tasks and responsibilities, interviewing publishers and taking an inventory of my skills.

What did I find out?

Besides a good story, publishing takes marketing, promoting, editing, designing and negotiating all sorts of legal issues. Publishing requires specific skills that I just don’t have.  I could spend an entire career gaining publishing experience before ever printing my first book.

I am not a publisher.

There’s an old saying that if you want something done right you do it yourself. I used to believe in that. That belief is what led me to think going into publishing was the only way I could fill a need. But is it? There are many qualified, talented people who share my passion and who are willing to share their skills and experience. Surrounding myself with people who have the skills that I don’t allows each of us to strive towards one common goal and, ultimately, succeed.

See how working from one of our BusinesSuites locations can give you the freedom to do just that. Let our team take care of the smaller things so you can focus on the bigger ones; your passion. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself; it means you know how to surround yourself with people who can help you get things done.

Check out one of our seven location in Maryland, and see how BusinesSuites can add value to your business and allow you to fulfill your dreams.

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The Best Advice

The best advice I’ve ever received came from my father at a very young age.

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence; it is greener where you water it.”

As an amateur gardener, I’ve taken this phrase literally and applied this to my personal home garden. With persistence and hard work I’ve found a talent, and I’m nurturing it. But the same certainly applies to business, as well. With the proper tools (trowel and water hose) and a great business model (enriched soil) anyone can blossom.

At BusinesSuites Barton Springs, I’ve seen many businesses succeed beyond the use of our office space and grow into larger companies. These successes allow us to share in our client’s happiness and good fortune. Understandably, our clients – people we’ve shared our days with – will be missed. But with every well-maintained plant, the roots grow too big for the pot and must be replanted into enriched soil.

I hope this spring serves you and your business well!

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Common Themes

Thoughout the BusinesSuites culture and our centers across the country, there are common themes.  For instance every center is warm, welcoming and client-service focused.

BusinesSuites Annapolis decided to add one more theme for the month of March… Green.  We had green vegetables, green fruit, and even green flavored water in our café for snack days and breakfasts.  It was a fun way to add another touch of color (and reminder of spring!) to the center. And it was just another reminder to our clients that we always focus on making their day a bit brighter.

If you’re in the area, the BusinesSuites Annapolis Team invites you to stop by and see what we have in store this April.

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