Lunch & Learn At BusinesSuites Owings Mills

The great thing about choosing an office at BusinesSuites is the unexpected perks:

  • The networking you are able to do with the other clients while you get coffee in the morning.
  • The monthly networking events held right down the hall to let clients mingle and get to know each other.
  • The staff that will keep you in mind when they hear of other clients with a need and know they can recommend your business.

ICLunch&Learn3At BusinesSuites Owings Mills, we recently did a Lunch & Learn for clients (and some non-clients!), where they were able to enjoy a luncheon while learning new skills to apply to their own businesses.

Clients and guests listened to two gentlemen from Innovative Consultants talk about how to approach building your business and client base. They spoke about best practices for targeting your audiences and how to capture attention in a world full of flashy advertising and increasingly shorter attention spans.

With so many beautiful websites out there, it is true that if you don’t capture your target audiences’ attention before they click away from your website, a sale may be lost, however, having a beautiful website is not everything. Connecting with other business owners, potential customers and creating a broad professional network (like BusinesSuites clients are able to do) is extremely valuable. Having face time with people will always be more valuable than the most beautiful website on the web.

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Managing Friendly Interruptions

My children and I have reached a balance for the summer. Their late night schedule means they are asleep at odd hours of the day. My efforts to share work and living space only work when I create a schedule. Right now, I’ve plotted my time, made my coffee and closed my door. Only at moments like this am I truly ready to work. However, even with all of the precautions that I take, I’m still not impervious to all distractions.

Today, my world is full of disturbances. Outside, what sounds like a chattering monkey—though friends and family say it is a bird—calls to its mate. A crow screams loudly; a seagull screeches. I close the window. My phone rings. I ignore it and continue working. An hour later it rings again. After flipping it from vibrate to silent I resume typing. About thirty minutes later there’s a knock on the front door. I open my bedroom/office door and creep closer to the front door. Outside I hear three children. One is banging on my front door yelling “it’s the police open up,” while the other two laugh. Their mother giggles nervously. As they knock again I wonder what my neighbors must think. I’m tempted to answer the door except my children are sleeping and I’m working.

Working from home, while it is a cost-effective option, is often challenging. Disturbances rob you of your creative time. Any interruption, friendly or otherwise, could potentially put a halt on any productive momentum you may have. It’s during the noisy, chaotic days like this that I really see the value of having my own private office space. It’s truly a treasure to have a space that is free from the noise and disturbances that frequently pollute my day. Whether it’s a part-time office or just an office for a day, having the option to use a calm and quiet space to focus solely on your work is invaluable.

Do you office from home? How do you manage friendly interruptions?

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Working Out At Work – Fitness Center Opens At Hughes Center

BusinesSuites Hughes Center office clients and their employees have been given the opportunity to work out at work! On August 1st, 2014, The HC | Hughes Center, where BusinesSuites Hughes Center is located, opened a brand new fitness center exclusively for on-site employees of this Las Vegas premier Class A office district.

There is no fee to use the fitness center and it is extremely easy to access. BusinesSuites Hughes Center clients are already reaping the benefits of this great perk of working out at work. Many people have already shared how the convenience of it being in the complex makes it easier to stay committed to being healthier. One office client told us that he’s already lost 12 pounds in the short time it’s been open.

The fitness center is open 24/7, has showers and lockers. It even has a small open area where health instructors will be able to conduct special classes in the near future. The equipment is all brand new and includes 5 treadmills, 4 elliptical cross trainers and over 15 other types of fitness equipment, as well as weights.

BusinesSuites Hughes Center is a virtual office and full-service office provider with award-winning, professional staff. To find out more about other office amenities included at BusinesSuites Hughes Center, please visit their website or call (702) 784-7600.

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Creating Connections – A Skill That Sells

I recently underwent sales training with the Center Manager of BusinesSuites Barton Springs, Pat Whitman, and one of the things she mentioned was, “creating connections.” From my years of hospitality and recruiting, ‘creating connections’ has been embedded so much into my work life that it’s only natural for me to create connections with new people in my social life.

I know this sounds cliché, but I am a firm believer in the eye contact, smile and handshake method. After the formal introductions have begun, I might casually mention a piece of jewelry, article of clothing or even compliment the guest’s handshake.

I never take a good handshake for granted.

I’ve found that even something as simple as asking how their day is going or commenting on the traffic, can lead to an in depth conversation. I am grateful to live in Austin, TX, which alone, gives me a plethora of different conversation starters.

So let me leave you with this thought… how do you create connections and how can you be better? Leave your answering in the comments below!

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Shared Space; My Not-So-Perfect Workspace

I am all set up for a productive day of working from home. I’ve told my children I’m working until 5 o’clock and now I’m ready to begin.

“Why are you sitting there?” My youngest asks.

My desk faces my bedroom door; it’s strategic. From here I can look across the hallway and out of the large balcony window. I am rewarded by the occasional glimpse of hang-gliders, large birds and more frequently, wasps or other insects. It is my son’s third time passing my door and since it’s the first time I’ve looked up, he assumes I’m taking a break.

“I can get more done if I sit here,” I tell him.

He looks at me doubtfully.

“Mom, did I tell you about this thing I can do in my game?”

“I’m still working, honey,” I remind him, “but why don’t you tell me really quickly while I take a short break?”

Inevitably the break involves snacks.

“I’m going back to work now. I’ll let you know when I finish.”

I’m back at my desk when my son begins composing a song. He strums his guitar and creates lyrics as he goes along. Because he doesn’t agree that he needs lessons, the melody, though at times almost catchy, is a bit chaotic.

We have different definitions of not interrupting me while I work.

Millions of people successfully office from home. Unfortunately I am not one of them. Are you? How do you do it?

I’ve discovered that I need a private, quiet workplace away from home.

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