Have an Immediate Regional Presence with Office Space Rental in Pittsburgh

One of the most difficult parts of being a small business owner is, most likely, knowing how to be successful outside of the town your business is located in. There’s no way that you could take the chance of opening another brick and mortar location until you know how successful your services or products would be in that area, and leasing a small office just for a business listing and search engine results is out of the question. But how else can you establish yourself in another location?united-states-text-map-michael-tompsett

Contact BusinesSuites today and learn about their Virtual Office space! Customize your monthly package to be exactly what you need to test your business in a new location!

Do you get a lot of mail orders for your product, but phone calls aren’t exactly coming in? That’s okay! BusinesSuites can offer you a mail receiving service starting at only $125 a month. What if you had to meet clients on occasion, but having access to a permanent office space isn’t necessary? Rent BusinesSuites’ top-of-the-line, professional conference rooms or day offices starting at $50/hour! Now you want to know, what if I need all of these services, plus a phone answering/transferring service? Get a Full Virtual office package for as little as $350 a month.

With BusinesSuites, you can expand your business, virtually, to every one of our 30 locations, giving you better opportunity, at a reasonable price, and a professional appearance for your business to grow. Contact BusinesSuites today and speak to an office manager at any of our locations to find out more about Virtual Office spaces!

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Why Your Business Needs an Answering Service

How many times have you been online shopping or researching a company’s services? You get to the contacts page and notice a number to call. You think, “Well, it’s probably a 24-hour service,” or you might say, “If there’s no one there it shouldcell_phone_etiquette_3 go straight to a voice message.” Well, what do you do if it’s a locally owned business, a start-up company, or a mom-and-pop shop?
Most places that can categorize themselves as a “small business” or a “start-up” are likely to not have an answering service, as money is always being budgeted and carefully used only towards things deemed necessary. With the landline being near extinct, it’s likely that numbers listed on a small-business’ or start-up’s website is a cell phone. More than likely, these business owners think, “I don’t need an answering service, I can take the calls personally and that will cut back on the budget.”
What the owner doesn’t understand, is that constantly needing to take phone call outside of the typical 9 to 5 work day can seriously cut into theirs and their family’s lives in a negative way. A customer who calls to ask about taxes added to a product could be the reason the business owner misses his son hit a home run during a little league game. A call about whether or not a certain product would be coming back into stock can keep a business owner away from the dinner table long enough for everyone’s food to get cold.
Let’s say you’re the small business owner. After a couple of months youfinally realize that the constant interruptions, the disorganization of receptionistnotes from calls, voicemails, and contact lists has become an overwhelming task and you find yourself missing important moments for your business and, most importantly, your family. But you don’t need and office space. What do you do? BusinesSuites can offer you a perfect solution!
Virtual Office spaces are available at any of their 30 locations! What is a Virtual Office space? Think of it this way, a virtual office allows you to create a customized package with BusinesSuites, and especially suites someone who doesn’t need to have a full-time office. You can have access to a full-time live phone answering services to rid you of pesky business calls on your personal cell phone, on-demand access to meeting rooms and day offices on the occasion you should need them, and even a mail service!
Contact BusinesSuites today and ask more about Virtual Office space options at any of our 30 locations!

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Business Mixer at BusinesSuites Gaithersburg – March 27


BusinesSuites Gaithersburg is co-hosting a Business Mixer on Friday, March 27 from 11:30 to 1:00pm

Location:  BusinesSuites Gaithersburg

9711 Washingtonian Blvd. #550

Gaithersburg, MD 21204

Lunch will be provided by Chefs in Thyme, a new catering business in town.

Artwork on display by Sinta Spector

Presentation by Adam Abraham on Digital Estate Planning

To Register / RSVP, send an email to Nawal at TrustNawal.com or call/text her at 301-366-9890 by March 20.

We hope to see you there!

View Event Flyer

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East Coast Hollywood: Need a Pittsburgh Base of Operations

With Pittsburgh’s rich history, the variety in scenery and epic skylines, it’s no wonder why big-shot directors, script writers,
20140817ppFilmCredits4-2and producers are moving across the country to shoot their films here. Most recently, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were in the Steel City in 2013 to film One Shot, a thriller about ex-military investigator Jack Reacher that took the A-List actor to neighborhoods spanning from North Shore to Mount Washington, and from Sewickley to Dormont. Previous to that, The Dark Night Rises took place in Pittsburgh and featured famous Yinzer landmarks like Heinz Field and the Mellon Institute as The Perks of Being a Wall Flower, written by Pittsburgh native Steven Chbosky, showed scenes of the Fort Pitt Tunnel and Peters Township High School.

Pittsburgh is bursting with creative talent, in an environment ideal for that talent to blossom. But the question is, how can you merge your creative talent with a professional atmosphere? Think about it, you need to be inspired by the surrounding views of the city you love, but you really need to buckle down and get this scene done. You need a relaxed area where your team can construct ideas during production planning, or to hold casting calls, but you can’t find rental/lease space to accommodate your variety of needs? Is there even a place in the world that can provide me with these rapidly changing office and work room needs? The answer is yes.

BusinesSuites has been providing small businesses, traveling business people, start-up companies, and more with rental office space for 25 years, and their new site on Grant Street in Pittsburgh has office space available for you to start working on that next Hollywood hit.

Rent an exterior office space where you can work with your producer or director on details of your film. You can rent a day office during those times you can’t get anything done at the house or the coffee shop. BusinesSuites has conference rooms where you can holding casting calls, and team rooms where your design team can work on mapping out locations or wardrobe can draft ideas for certain scenes. BusinesSuites has it all!

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The Downside of Running Your Own Office Space


We tell people that a full-service office space at BusinesSuites lets them focus on running their business instead of their office.  The ongoing weather on Maryland is providing a great example of this.  Which of these two things would you rather be shoveling this morning?

Clearing Ice and Snow Outside BusinesSuites

BusinesSuites Owings Mills - Food










With a full-service office at BusinesSuites Owings Mills, you can head to a warm office with great coffee and a fresh pastry instead of having to scrape ice and snow from the entrance of your conventional office space.

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