Teamwork at BusinesSuites Springwoods

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs
Here at BusinesSuites, we value our teams and the roles of each individual. A strong team means a strong center and an incredible work relationship. This keeps our clients happy and gives them the freedom they need to succeed.
At BusinesSuites Springwoods we make it a point to share our daily duties and tasks by cross-training each team member. Each of our centers finds their own flow and what works best for them. We find this to be the most efficient way to function within our center – much like a well-oiled machine.
We believe that BusinesSuitesclients are successful because of the effort put forth by our center teams each day. Each team finds a dynamic like any other relationship. It’s like a relationship between husband and wife. It’s a supreme partnership. You work day in and day out to make things work for you and for your partner. In our case, you’re working with your team to make things work for your clients.
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Sharing Space Effectively

One week ago this space was more or less open space. There were benches and picnic tables, flower pots and not much else. Students, staff and visitors shared the space. It was a square, not “the” square; one of many open spaces at the intersection of offices, eateries and other places. It was a pleasant space for meeting friends, eating lunch, and waiting but more often it was just walked through.

A few days ago a tent went up. It was a large tent propped up in the middle of the square. Over the next couple days, couches, tables, a dance floor and flowers filled the space. It looked inviting and warm; like a parlor or outdoor living room. The space was fitted with a DJ booth and lights; the square was transformed.

That night the formerly modest space hosted an alumni reunion complete with banquet, DJ and dancing. The next day was a campus visiting day. The couches, chairs and tables offered parents and prospective students a comfortable space to get to know other people, refresh, and eat. Though it only took a few days to create this temporary space, it was lovely and added new life to a previously overlooked area.

By Monday the space was packed up and put away again.

When the space was transformed, it was bustling and lively. Is the university taking advantage of the square’s location and organic foot traffic?

Are you getting the most out of your office space? Is there something that would make your space more useful?

Rearranging furniture, opening doors, organizing the space with colleagues could maximize your space and lead to evening networking events, a lunch-time lecture series, breakfast information exchanges and other opportunities to share space effectively.

At BusinesSuites Grant Street, you’re able to arrange your office however works best for you. With work-ready office space or a virtual office, you’ll be productive, efficient and have access to all the premium amenities that BusinesSuites Grant Street has to offer including live phone answering, mail receipt, business-class internet, meeting rooms and a cafe.

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That “Little Extra Something Special”

You know, there’s not much better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk.  No matter how old (or young) you are, it’s universally known as a great treat. In fact, several hotel brands have tapped into this fact and now offer milk and cookies to their guests in the evening. It’s that little extra something that makes the stay that much more enjoyable.
At BusinesSuites Annapolis, we pride ourselves in adding that little extra something special for our clients and guests each week.  We routinely have Client Appreciation Weeks, Snack Days, Breakfast Days and of course, Chocolate Days.  All of our efforts help create a work space where people are happy and productive.  It’s a wonderful atmosphere to be in and makes coming to the office that much more enjoyable.
The next time you’re in our neighborhood, stop by. You never know what you may find in the café!
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BusinesSuites Springwoods Welcomes Basin Supply

BusinesSuites Springwoods welcomes Basin Supply to our center! We are happy to welcome you into the Houston market and wish you much continued success as you grow your business here. Learn a little bit more about Basin Supply below:
Basin Supply – Global Strength, Local Presence
Basin Supply is a global integrated supply company and the “nerve center” of the Basin Holdings strategy. Basin Supply serves customers in the emerging and developed oilfield markets, providing integrated equipment sales & distribution, procurement, and logistics management around the globe. With 40 years of industry experience, we specialize in supplying Maintenance, Repair and Operations products (MRO), Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), and capital items such as drilling, production, and workover equipment. Our global presence, experience, and network offer our customers and affiliates a unique sales, distribution, and procurement channel for oilfield products and services in global markets with difficult barriers to access. Basin Supply offices are strategically located with the fundamental goal of providing the products our customers need and the support they demand, anywhere in the world.
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Are You in the Information Business?

A few weeks ago I received an email from a representative at my insurance company requesting information about my daughter. They had obviously muddled my information and thought my six-year-old daughter was the policy holder.  Even more disturbing was that the email was forwarded from a company I didn’t know.

Tiny alarm bells rang. I called my insurance company.

Two days after I ordered a pair of shorts online, I received an email saying that unless I responded to customer service I would not receive the package due to a security concern. How could shorts cause a security concern?

I called to save my shorts.

Yesterday, I emailed a company about a pending transaction. Less than five minutes after clicking send, I received a lengthy reply outlining possible scenarios and answers. None of them matched mine.

I called instead.

Are you in the information business? If you deal with people, you’re in the information business.

Asking for, offering and distributing information requires the right platform for the type of information. My insurance company should have called me to obtain the personal information they needed. The clothing company should have clarified the ‘security concern’ if they expected a response by email. The response to my inquiry provided too many generic situations that didn’t match my needs.

It’s not about the length of the content or how fast you deliver it, it’s about quality, relevance and meaningful content.

At BusinesSuites North Raleigh, we are in the information business. Yes, we offer full-service offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms, but we also provide live phone answering, administrative services, mail receipt and more. When we need important information from you, we’ll ask you in person. When we need to deliver information to you, we’ll make sure you receive it, understand it and follow-up if we need a response.

Part of what makes BusinesSuites North Raleigh different, is our emotional investment in your business. We want to provide information that allows you and your business to grow and succeed.

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