Is Your Space Creating Friction Between Your Business and Your Clients?

A few months ago, my local bookstore moved to a new location. It used to be situated near the library, but now is across town near where I live.

The library seems like an ideal location for a bookstore; with book lovers already in the vicinity and likely to stop in. However, it turns out the competition was too much. The bookstore changed locations in hopes of boosting business and creating their own clientele.

I visit the library regularly and, honestly, rarely went in the bookstore. Now that the bookstore is closer to my home, I’ve become a more frequent shopper. Their strategy has worked on me.

The bookstore downsized in the move and no longer has room for readings, author signings or book clubs. It seems like location may have improved but their business may be affected in other ways. Without enough space for patrons to interact with their products, they may find other stores to fill that need. The bookstore used to provide an experience, not just books.

If your space feels too small to host events that get clients in the door, it may be time to consider hosting events in other spaces. Your competition isn’t going to disappear just because you’ve moved farther away from them. Don’t let space stand in between prospective clients and your business.


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Great Service for Our Clients and Yours

service-recoveryGreat service helps your business because it delights customers, but also because not-so-great service drives your customers away.  When someone buys from you, they’re essentially giving your company a vote of confidence.  That confidence builds on itself or it can be easily eroded.

BusinesSuites strives for exceptional service every day.  We do that as representatives of our own company, but also because we’re often the face of our clients’ businesses.

The teams at our centers are ready to serve and accommodate you so you can focus on great service for your clients.  If you need a place to meet for the day, you can use one of our premium office spaces. While you’re there, our team will become your support staff. Whether it’s helping you set-up projection, making copies, or even notarizing a document, our staff will be there to help you get the job done.


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A Smile is a Curve That Sets a Lot of Things Straight

smile-fortune-cookie“A smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight”.

I instantly fell in love with this because it is true to life. A definite change from the typical cheesy fortune cookie quotes. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, a smile is important. But did you know that when we smile, we not only lift the morale of everyone around us but we can completely change the tone of a situation?

Have you ever tried smiling in the midst of an unpleasant conversation or difficult situation? I’ve put it to the test many of times and it’s the one fool-proof remedy that doesn’t break the bank!

Here at BusinesSuites Grant Street, we realize that a smile does indeed bring good fortune. Not just in a cookie, but with your clients, your environment, and of course…with you.  Great service isn’t always defined by everything going perfectly.  Sometimes it means being able to smile when things aren’t going well.

Pretty deep for a fortune cookie don’t you think!

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Space for Use: How Do You Spread the Word?

I am in the kitchen swiveling in an art-deco style stool that seems made to inspire temporary use. Across from where I sit at the breakfast bar, there are four empty art-deco chairs. The kitchen is equipped with a pitcher for making hot tea, a few mugs, spoons and other items left behind. There is no sugar. The message: come, but don’t linger.

The room is brightly lit. Across from the kitchen there are spaces of different sizes with couches for groups and individuals who can navigate well in group-space. It’s a collaborative workspace. This is the Graduate College common room.

During the day students use the common room as meeting space. The space is booked once a week for a group to host community building classes. The events are lively and well attended. But most evenings the space goes unused.

“We need to have events here at night; to really use the space,” the event’s organizer tells me. He points out new furniture under review for the space’s refurbishment. “We need to start getting more people in here.”

Across the hall there is a separate game room with a pool table, a dart board and a Ping-Pong table. The only thing missing in this large space are people to fill it.

In a few minutes we have made preliminary plans for a monthly murder mystery party that starts in the common room and ends at the pub across from it; another over-looked outlet.

There are no signs welcoming individuals or groups to hold events in the space. The weekly college newsletter does not mention the availability; the posters on the board do not advertise the possibility. How are people to know the space is available?

Are you getting the most out of your space? If not, how do you plan to change that?

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Does Your Office Add Value To Your Business? It Should.

In the world of business, we tend to think of things in terms of their monetary value. Decisions are often based solely on costs of the financial kind.

Consider one of the things that, perhaps, is very central to your business: your office. Certainly, it costs money to have your business doors open, but what if there was a way to add an even greater value to your business with those same operating costs?

With an office at BusinesSuites Arboretum, you get much more than just a space to work. You have access to conference rooms for client meetings and conducting interviews, a receptionist that is always there to greet your guests and answer phone calls, and a professional and responsive BusinesSuites team that is ready to help with anything from administrative to technical assistance. BusinesSuites clients have business-class internet included in their office package, as well as access to a café with complimentary beverages, and free convenient, covered parking.

What would it cost you to have all of these added benefits in your current office situation? Consider an office at the BusinesSuites location that is closest to you, where features like these can make a big difference in your business at an affordable cost.

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