All I Want for Christmas (Even Though it’s Only August): Office Space Wish List

The sky is clear; temperatures are in the 80s; and while I am planning my family’s next beach vacation, I can’t help but think about Christmas. Even though it’s still summer, I’m planning my Christmas list early. This Christmas, all I really want is a receptionist.

The first time I visited my office, I got lost. After a year I can recognize that each of the brightly colored corridors is a different color and has a slightly different style.  There are multiple entrances, exits, lounges and study areas. The door numbers are in descending order—odd  on one side, even on the other. The space is large.

I am a professor, and when students come to visit my office they get lost. My directions include landmarks like turn right at the picture with the birds, go past the large sitting area, look at the numbers and ask someone for directions. Most of my guests arrive late.

Before the end of the semester I held office hours for each of the classes I teach. It turned out to be a disaster. As you may know, many students only visit office hours before the final exam, thus, not being familiar with the location of my office. Between students getting lost or running late and ,therefore, appointments running over, the meetings were extremely disorganized. Whenever I opened my door, the appointment for fifteen minutes prior was standing there with the appointment for fifteen minutes later.

I need a coordinator to lend support when I need it; to offer directions to guests and to corral my guests.

At BusinesSuites Hughes Landing, you don’t have to worry about clients (or students) losing their way. The friendly receptionist will direct your clients right to your office without absurd landmarks or having them stop half way for directions. The added efficiency and professionalism that comes with working at an executive suite is a valuable asset to any business.

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Office Space Superheroes at BusinesSuites Springwoods

Disappointment. This is a feeling we’re all too familiar with. But at BusinesSuites Springwoods, we try to avoid this occurrence from happening with our clients.

Recently we had a client who needed a large project done in a short amount of time. He would typically use a printing company to complete large projects such as this, but with a deadline in the near, near future, he was told by the company that they could not complete this job with so little notice. With very little options, and an air of desperation he turned to our team. And we were all too happy to accept.

It might be a challenge and we might finish the project by the skin of our teeth, but we weren’t planning on letting our client down. With the team cramming together we put in a couple late nights and hustled throughout the day to complete this project just in time. Needless to say, the BusinesSuites Springwoods team felt like office space provider superheroes. With a happy client who was more than appreciative of our hard work, disappointment would not rear its ugly head.

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Why Clients Choose BusinesSuites

A quote from Raj Nair, Ford’s Head of Global Product Development in Road & Track magazine:

“A car is typically the second most expensive thing a person buys. You would think the decision for something like that would be very logical: Here’s how much space it has, the fuel economy, cost of ownership. Yet it’s driven by the emotional aspect—not just what’s pretty but what that car stands for. What does it say about me as a person?”

At BusinesSuites, we know this same observation holds true for choosing office space and services. Emotion, feeling, and connection drive the decision for small business owners. That’s why one component of our strategy is to ensure that all people have an exceptional experience in all they see, hear, and feel in their interactions with our company. Many steps are taken to establish a great 1st impression of one of our centers.

It all begins when you tour one of our centers. At BusinesSuites, we think of our tours as an opportunity to connect with and learn more about your business. This discussion also yields vital information that can guide our team on how to best serve your company as it grows. Our goal is to find the solution that best suits your business needs.

Choosing office space is a milestone in the growth of a business. It’s an opportunity to put the faith that you have in your company into action. That’s why we consider it a privilege when you use our suites and services as tools to help your company expand. So when you’re ready to take on the exciting challenge of a brand new location, know that BusinesSuites is here and is ready to take on the challenge with you.


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Private Office or Shared Space?

I scheduled an interview with a writer I had been trying to meet with for weeks.

I share my office with three other people, but I was pretty sure my 7:30am interview was too early for any of them to be in.

We share a private office, but there are a number of shared spaces to choose from just outside our door. There’s a cafe with a cozy seating area, multiple different meeting room styles to choose from and a few public areas to sit, chat and, that morning at least, to interview.

“We can chat out here, if that’s alright with you.” I said when she arrived at my office door.

I directed her to a comfortable couch in a brightly lit, quiet corner in front of a large window that was just down the hall from my office.  The space is created for comfort. There was room to spread out, lean back and chat in a casual setting. Though the occasional staff member or client meandered by, we were largely uninterrupted.

When the interview was over, I stopped in to see if my office mates had arrived. I explained that I wouldn’t be in as much for the next few months due to my current undertaking of field research.

“You’re barely here anyway,” one of them said.

She’s right. Thanks to flexible spaces, I can office anywhere.

BusinesSuites Sonterra is perfect for me because I have a professional private office when I need to sit and write, but I have a cozy lounge when I want to conduct an intimate interview. Flexible office space works for me, what works for you? Let me know in the comments!

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BusinesSuites Hughes Center: Exceeding the Expected

As a full-service office suite provider, you’ll often hear team members at BusinesSuites talk about our office amenities, our amazing clients and, of course, our premium locations.  However, we certainly are well aware that our top-notch services are made possible by our amazing center team members. Aside from the client reviews posted on our website, we typically don’t publicly share the positive comments our teams regularly receive.
While our location amenities are genuinely great – our people are even better! I am proud of the team here at BusinesSuites Hughes Center, and would like to share some of the comments our clients have made about the amazing team here:
  • “Very impressed with the service and friendly attitudes of all the staff.”
  • “Warm, friendly, and professional; staff was wonderful.”
  • “Gigi and her team go the extra mile.”
  • “Everything here is great and more than we expected.”
  • “Service is always first rate.”
  • “The most pleasant and professional team I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Always willing to help and consistently over-delivered when support was needed.”
  • “I can easily say this was the best office environment I have worked in during my three decades of office work.”
At BusinesSuites Hughes Center (and all BusinesSuites locations), exceeding the expected is what we enjoy doing and it makes us very happy that it shows. It shows in our happy clients; and just as important, in their clients and customers.


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