Adding to the BusinesSuites Gateway Community

Over the past few months, BusinesSuites Gateway in Columbia, MD has experienced a surge of new business, and now a number of new clients are getting to know their new home.

Our client’s are from industries such as legal services, government contracting, recruiting and financial services, among others. The Gateway team conducts a personal orientation with each new client so they know how we can help with things like phone answering, postage or shipping, access to notary services, or even office projects.  For many of them, this is the first time they have experienced a full service workspace, and they’re delighted to see how easy we make it to keep a professional, productive office.

What I consider to be the best part of our client’s orientation is their interactions clients who have been with us for years. Often clients who have been here for a while will introduce themselves to newer clients, talk with them about their business, and even help them navigate the center and its amenities.  These clients are generous with their time, which helps to instill a sense of community among clients. We hope all our clients, both old and new, will consider BusinesSuites Gateway a home away from home in Columbia.

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Expanding Across North America

Preferred-Office-NetworkAs a provider of flexible, full-service office space, we serve a lot of companies that are expanding into new markets.  While we would like to serve these clients everywhere they want to expand, we’re not a mammoth company with thousands of locations.   We’re proud to have 29 locations in 7 states, but that leaves a lot of areas in the US, Canada and Mexico that we don’t directly serve.

Luckily, we’re a member of the Preferred Office Network, which has 350 locations across North America, including Canada and Mexico.  Preferred Office Network specializes in serving clients who need flexible office space in multiple markets.  They make things easy with a simple, no-term agreement that is consistent across all of their member locations.


Their network has been growing pretty dramatically of late.  Just this month, they announced new locations in the western US and across Mexico.

If you’re looking for office space anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico, especially if you need offices in more than one city, we encourage you to reach out to the Preferred Office Network.

Of course, if you’re looking for office space in Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Richmond, Newport News or anywhere in Maryland, BusinesSuites can help you directly.


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Lost Time is Never Found Again

I attended a conference this morning and one of the topics focused on was TIME.   As we all know, there are only 24 hours in a day and most of us haven’t mastered the true art of time management.

Most professionals and business owners are juggling careers, employees, office responsibilities, families, relationships, business operations,  and business growth.  Once time is spent, there isn’t any way to take it back.  It’s Gone.

At Businessuites, we help to free-up your most valuable asset – YOUR TIME.   By managing the day to day operations of the office and creating an environment that fosters success, we allow clients to spend more time on other, more important, areas of their lives and businesses.

Want to gain extra time during the day ? – Let BusinesSuties manage your office.  BusinesSuites serves as the business home for thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs and employees of large companies through a growing network of locations across the US. We offer premium executive office suites, virtual office services and meeting rooms to companies of all sizes.
Take back some time at BusinesSuites.

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This Space is Too Big! Are You Getting the Most out of Your Space?

Lately I’ve felt a lot like the Goldilocks of office space. My search for temporary office space has led me to spaces that were too small, too large and to a few that were just right.

A few months ago a colleague and I hosted a small event in a large venue. The space had an artistic, intimate aura that filled the space where the intended audience would have been. This year my colleague and I are planning to use the same large space and hoping to fill it with a larger audience.


The main culprit of the last event was timing: the event was scheduled for the same week students were scheduled to leave campus. This year we won’t make that same mistake. But one thing from the last event that I will definitely be repeating is sharing space. After setting up our event my colleague and I invited another group to set up in our reception area. The other event was the launch of a magazine. The launch attracted a similar audience and our event invited them to stay. Both events benefited from the space: the feel, location and size allowed both events to feel successful even if we didn’t use the numbers as a measure of success.

Though it is months away, we are already looking for other organizations and events to share space with for this year’s event. We have arranged a musician to perform in the opening and in between readers and will add a question and answer portion to invite the audience to participate. We are actively looking for partnerships to make use of a large welcoming space.

Are you getting the most out of your space?

Sharing space by creating partnerships with other groups, organizations and businesses may help you use “extra” space effectively.

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Client Appreciation at Hill Country Galleria


The team at BusinesSuites Hill Country Galleria planned a special Client Appreciation Week.

 Monday – You Mean the World to Us Kick-off

The week’s theme, “You Mean the World to Us!”, kicked off on Monday with cake, punch, prizes and drawings!  Clients took home inflatable globe beach balls and globe key chains as fun mementos.  Below is a picture of the Hill Country Galleria team showing off the week’s activity poster.  Clients also marked on U.S. and world maps showing where they were from, which turned out to be great fun as clients were able to meet other clients from their same home towns!

 Tuesday – Italian

The team continued the world theme on Tuesday, highlighting Italy by serving pizza and gelato to the center’s clients.

 Wednesday – Japanese

Wednesday was the day we say “Anata no aru hoto no tame arigato!” to our clients (Thank you for being you!), with various kinds of sushi.

 Thursday – Mexican

Now around the world to Mexico, where the team treated clients to a festive and delicious taco bar!  The piñata got to go home with a lucky winner!

Friday – Texas, USA!

Time to wind it up with a good ole’ Texan Barbeque!  The team at BusinesSuites ends the “You Mean the World to Us!” Client Appreciation Week today, but will continue BusinesSuites’ efforts of “Providing the Freedom to Succeed” for each client!


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