Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Man Behind the Brand

Where ever it rejuvenates or revolutionizes—music moves us. And where ever it makes dollars or sense (pun intended), Jay-Z is making it. In a 2010 NPR Fresh Air interview, host Terry Gross “decodes” Jay-Z: rapper, writer, author, and entrepreneur.  That’s not an easy task when you think about everything Jay-Z has come to represent over […]

The Conceptpreneur

Recently, Jay Goltz, entrepreneur and blogger, posted a piece, A Plan for Working on (Not in) the Business, exploring ten aspects business owners may want to consider when planning to manage a business without managing—well, everything.  In the piece, Goltz offers tips on how to stop juggling, and how to start trusting in the systems […]

Good Friends, Good Business Partners

Secrets, fears, successes, failures: Is there anything you haven’t shared with your best friend? Friends know many things about one another already.  They see strengths, weaknesses; they witness talents, short comings.  They may share values, experiences, and definitions for success.  They are partners in life, and sometimes in love.  In business, friends provide valuable feedback, […]

Office Nightmares: Be Your Own Chef Ramsey

Recently, my son and I were watching an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” a Chef Gordon Ramsey restaurant make-over show where he tries to rescue struggling restaurants from the hands of their owners. The first time we watched the show we saw a restaurant run into the ground by loss of confidence, management, and effort. While […]

Courteous Drivers Wanted

I spend a lot of time between places. Some days I drive from home to a high school bus stop, then to a middle school, and then swing by an elementary school, before stopping at a college campus.  Then, I do it again in reverse. I see a lot of things on the highway.  Political […]