Positive Attitude: It’s Contagious

Positive Attitude: The New Flu: It’s what’s going Around

Given enough time, in most relationships mates, friends, and teammates begin to resemble one another in some aspect or the other. Couples may behave alike; friends often dress alike; teammates may begin to develop similar styles of play.

Why is the work place any different?

Coworkers and employees spend a lot of time together so sooner or later styles, behaviors and attitudes of one just may rub off on the other.

I was reading G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Viton’s articles “You Deserve the Team You Get”; “Three Types of People to Fire Immediately”; and “Three types of People to Hire Today”. According to the writers, many readers have commented on the simplicity of the articles: are there really only six types of people? There aren’t. And likely you recognize that there are a thousand and one degrees separating the employee you hired from the employee before you today.

You are responsible for your team.  You’ve hired them, now what? If your employees seem daunted by your company’s future; have poor morale or attitudes; or think you are asking the impossible of them—instead of firing them, look at the messages you are sending them. Are you optimistic about the future?

Your team is looking for you to lead them: a positive attitude, realistic expectations and honest forecast foster an attitude of encouragement and support while leaving room for everyone to learn, make mistakes, and learn from mistakes.

Your team is more than a reflection of you; it’s a reflection of your leadership, priorities and standards: don’t let them down.  Adapt an attitude of success and let your team catch it.

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